Leading Hybrid & Remote Teams

Does this sound familiar? Robbie is working remotely and can’t find the current process map his team is developing and when he sends an instant message and then a phone call to the team lead there is no response, so he sits and frustratingly waits.

There are benefits to remote and hybrid work from the flexibility of time for life and living to managing the wellbeing needs of self and others including child/elder care. The key to performance success with hybrid teams is to create clear expectations around communications, timeframes, and shared resources and to communicate them actively among all teammates. Creating a culture of open conversations, curiosity, and trust in the intentions of everyone, regardless of location and time, is the framework hybrid and remote teammates require to work effectively and efficiently with each other.

Research and our personal experience have shown trust is a key factor in team performance, and by extension, in organizational performance. As COVID-19 brought about a sudden shift to hybrid and remote collaboration, the need for trust-building in new ways was seen. In this workshop we will explore how you can foster trust and develop the communication and workflow process techniques needed within your hybrid and remote team.

In this workshop you will work collaboratively with others using case studies and creating solutions that, when done, will enable you to:
1. Describe what a hybrid team is in terms of people and place
2. Identify 5 key process techniques used in creating performance success for hybrid teams
3. Identify 6 key questions to use in determining whether to have in-person events
4. Describe 2 different modes of communication and 4 modes of information need that can benefit the hybrid employee.

Templates will be available to begin your successful planning as you lead a collaborative and effective hybrid and remote team. You will also be eligible for a free 30-minute conversation with Dr. Bill Ryan to examine and discuss your specific situation.

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  • Welcome!
  • How do you know I'm a leader if you can't see me leading?
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