Onboarding: A Virtual Path to Success webinar

Remember your first day at the new job? Who knew there were so many benefit options? Do I put a 0 or a 1 in the tax forms? The video from the CEO was interesting and lunch was nice, right? Nearly 50% of hourly workers leave within 4 months and the same is true for senior leaders brought in, they leave in 18 months.

A robust onboarding process impacts all employees especially those who are going to new roles within their current group or another part of the organization. Onboarding now involves blending content resources and using virtual tools to create connections with teammates, business partners, and includes learning scheduled in the workflow to meet the annual business lifecycle. A key component is creating a structured networking experience with others in similar roles to support performance and growth and developing the connections the new hire needs to be successful in their role. This model focuses on providing clarification of new responsibilities and expectations to new team members won’t have experiences that leave them frustrated, confused, feeling alone and unsure of their ability to be successful in this new role.

A structured onboarding program is key to long term success and involves a strategic long-term plan. In this prerecorded webinar I share a process that combines tactical training targeted around the needs of the role using the 4 “C’s” +1 model that centers on constant communication, feedback, and performance measurement — all factors that impact employee retention and engagement. I explore the employee lifecycle for mentoring and development and how connecting people together builds the internal network and supports collaboration. Onboarding is more than a 1 and done session, it’s a process that prepares people to be successful for the long-term performance.

At the completion of this session participants will be able to:
• Identify a process lifecycle that aligns worker needs with organization business needs to focus on long term retention
• Identify the 4C’s + 1 and describe how they can engage and support an employee in a new role to be successful
• Describe the areas where technology can be used in the onboarding process to benefit the employee in being successful in their role as they work in remote locations
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  • Onboarding: A Virtual Path to Success webinar (1:01:29)
  • Onboarding: More than 1 and done! (video - 3:11)
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